Do you need...

To stop dieting, binge eating, and overeating with PCOS?

Freedom from the endless cycle of diets and shame?

A friend who can help guide you through the nutritional challenges of PCOS?

A way of strengthening health habits for your body and mind?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I offer an E-Course, private coaching, and a self-love habit journal designed just for women like you!


Stop Binge Eating &

Dieting w/PCOS!

Stop obsessing about your weight and start living your best life!

If you’ve been struggling with dieting, binge eating, or overeating my E-Course can help you find balance and food freedom with PCOS.

Learn to love your body, the truth about the PCOS diet, and how to eat to be healthy and balanced with 3 modules featuring 9 videos, a digital workbook, and email support from me. Your best life is within your power!


You’ve got a mental list of flaws a mile long but you are so much more amazing than you let yourself believe! However, letting go of the self-loathing and doubt you’ve had reinforced your whole life is not a simple process. With the help of The Female Force Journal you’ll develop a practice of self-love that will allow you to strengthen healthy habits for your body and mind.


Private Coaching

Being diagnosed with PCOS can be the start of a very frustrating and confusing journey. Your doctor tells you to “lose weight” which leads to an endless Google search of diets and weight loss “tips” and contradicting advice. Enough! You deserve so much more!

Through private coaching I work with clients to help them find true freedom and begin a life long journey of loving themselves while taking care of their body’s nutritional needs.

With my 1:1 coaching, I teach women to:

→ Eat intuitively with PCOS and find food freedom
→ Learn ways to practice gentle nutrition from a place of love
→ Eat like a normal person again
→ Feel more confident in their body!