Three Questions that Gave me Food Freedom


You probably clicked on this blog post because you’re battling with your relationship with food.

I’ve been there. A couple years ago, google was my friend:

I researched:

How do I eat like a normal person..

Why can’t I stop thinking about food..

Why can’t I stick to my weight loss plan..

You feel like you’re overwhelmed with the amount of nutritional information thrown at you from every angle. You’re searching for a remedy and escape from the madness.

Since I started my online coaching practice I have noticed that most women want the same thing - food peace and to use food for satisfaction and nourishment. This is not an easy task. I know, because I have been there and I understand you. It wasn’t until I realized that DIGGING into my feelings and addressing my emotions/beliefs around food, that I had finally felt liberated, healthy and happy.

About two years ago If you told me I could be 15 lbs heavier and love myself, I wouldn’t have believed you. I wouldn’t even let that thought cross my head because I would be crunching numbers (calories), weighing food, calculating how far I am from my “goal weight” or thinking of what I could still eat for the rest of the day. I would be dreaming about that cheat meal on Saturday. I would be in my head analyzing my body, feeling worthless in my skin.

I would go to sleep often writing new “health” goals which were NEVER about health.

— Eat 1600 calories

— No sugar

— Loose 10lbs by X

This was my life.

I told myself a story that I need to eat healthy and be perfect because I have PCOS. I told myself a story that a simple restrictive diet could fix all my PCOS symptoms. I was really good at rationalizing this need to be “healthy” which was never really about health. If it was about health, I wouldn’t care about the calories or the number on the scale.

No eating past 7pm. No meat or dairy. No bread. No gluten. No more than 1600 calories. At least 100g of protein.

After a couple months passed on various diets and restrictions. I found myself eating a party size bag of tortilla chips in one sitting and following it up with some chocolate covered almonds.

Who is this girl? I thought.

I was ALWAYS so good in controlling my food and now I am here unable to move because I want to stuff my face. I felt nauseous and so guilty.

The next day I was back to “clean eating” and “on track”but I was filled with guilt and unworthiness.

When did my worth and self love become all about how I was eating? When did my dialogue go from one of compassions and love to one of pain and guilt?

My transformation from this TOXIC mindset happened when I started journaling everyday. I started to release my emotions on paper. I journaled everyday and I answered the same three questions daily —

  1. Did I respect my hunger and fullness today? This question helped me realize my body wants more food but also helped me track episodes of emotional eating or binge eating. This helps identify the trigger.

  2. What healthy carbs, protein, fats did I eat? I wanted to be happy with just eating one healthy carb, protein or fat instead of focusing on a crazy diet fad or calorie number. I ate an avocado? YAY! I got some healthy fats in! It may sound simplistic and many times when I tell my clients this they laugh but the truth is, we underestimate the power of small habits!

  3. How did I practice self care today? We’re all busy, I get it. But damn, it is is important to focus on self care daily. It doesn’t have to be some big gesture - why don’t you just start drinking that damn water? Or eat lunch outside in the sunshine?


Those three questions I answered daily for 6 MONTHS and it helped me heal my emotions surrounding food an helped me adopt life long health goals while loving my body and not fearing weight gain. These three questions are a part of my Female Force journal to help women trust their bodies. You can purchase your own copy and commit to writing in it EVERYDAY or you can just write these questions in your journal.

FYI, you need to stay CONSISTENT for it to work! Make it a part of your selfceare routine.

I want you to remember that the next diet fad or restriction will not help you heal your emotions or body. Being a victim to the diet industry is not the answer for freedom and food peace. The only thing the next diet can do for you, is keep you stuck!

Food FreedomUla Bozek