5 Things That You Can Do to Take Your Mornings to a New Level


I’ve never been what you’d call a morning person. Sure, I’d get out of bed early, and I’d be functional enough to pour a cup of coffee, make my breakfast and throw myself under the shower, but I’ve never been one to spring out of bed, wave hello to the sunrise and pump out 100 jumping jacks. My mornings were never mindful or present. They were rushed and full of anxiety.


That was until I ran into The Miracle Morning, a book by Hal Elrod, who I’m pretty sure chose his pen name by throwing Scrabble tiles on the floor and seeing what he could spell. Author names aside, for a person who’s not at her best in the mornings, the book itself was a godsend. Its tips were simple and practical, and the stories it told were super inspirational! While I didn’t take on every suggestion found in that book, It helped me realize how EXTREMELY important it is to start your morning the right way.  I took on things from the book that resonated most with me, and used the book as inspiration to develop my own morning routine.

Ever since beginning my new morning habits I’ve found myself feeling far more fresh and energized. I’ve also felt a clarity of mind that I haven’t had in the morning for years. I’m more productive at work, but more importantly, I’m way happier.

If you’re like me and take a while to warm up in the mornings, something like this routine could really help. So here’s what I now do in the morning, which you’re more than welcome to include in your day too!

  1. The first thing I do is make my bed. It’s like a little win every morning, and means that I’ll leave my room with it looking beautiful (even if I don’t look that great myself at that hour!) I believe it sets me up for a productive day!

  2. I then take 10 minutes to journal. ‘About what?’ you ask – well, anything that I feel like! I love to write letters to my past or future self,  write out a diary entry of yesterday, or make a plan of attack for mastering a new today. It doesn’t really matter what you write – just write! It really helps to get your mind working.

  3. Next I have a delicious and wholesome breakfast, rich in whole foods and free from anything over-processed. I practice mindful eating – I sit down, I tune out (no electronics!), and I concentrate on the textures and tastes of the food. It’s my sole focus for 5 or 10 minutes. If you’re mindful while eating breakfast, you will notice that after 30 days, you can really tune in into what your body is craving most.

  4. Once I finish breakfast I do a 5 minute meditation session. Apps like Insight Timer are awesome for this because you can customise pretty much every element of your experience. If you’re not into meditation - just sit in silence for 5 minutes!

  5. Finally I do 10 minutes of stretching/yoga. While most other elements of this routine focus on my mind, this is where I can make sure that my body is ready for the day too. This YouTube clip is a personal favorite!


This routine has worked wonders for me. I used to dread getting out of bed in the morning, but now I can honestly say that I don’t even set an alarm anymore and I’m always up early!


Everyone is different, so if my routine doesn’t work for you, don’t worry! You can find The Miracle Morning online, and it’s actually free for Amazon Prime members. You can also get it for free as an audiobook if you sign up to Audible.


Note: This isn’t a paid advertisement – I just really love the book! And if you’re anything like me, you’ll love it too.