5 Tips for Sticking to Your Workout Routine


How many times did you start a workout plan/routine and it didn't pan out? There is no shame, be honest with yourself. Sticking to a new workout plan isn’t easy at first, but once it become a habit, it suddenly becomes easier. But before it becomes a habit, you need all the tips below so you can stay motivated!


1. Make your WHY about more than just loosing weight.

Face it, if you want to stick the workout plan - weight loss can’t be your only motivator! You need a powerful WHY to push you through those more difficult days. Maybe you want to exercise for a stronger heart because heart disease runs in your family? Maybe you sit all day at work and this is your only chance to move your body? Maybe you want to feel energized throughout the week?

Grab a piece of paper - and write your why! Hang it in a place you can see everyday.


2. Change it up

If you always go on the elliptical and you just keep watching the time - waiting for the magic number, its time to change things up before you throw in the towel. Try new workouts, find new movements you enjoy. To help, along with a personal trainer I wrote an amazing workout plan for you! It combines cardio, HITT and resistance training, it wont bore you:) Moreover, there is a version for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. You can find the workout plan here.


3. Plan for success - a written plan matters!

Planing for success matters. Don’t just say you will go to yoga 3 times a week. When will you go? Schedule it, make a date with yourself and don't bail. We all get busy during the week, having time set aside for working out, prepares us for success! Every Sunday nigh, add workout time to your calendar and set up reminders.


 4. Don't aim too high - it is better to start small!

You don’t need to work out 6 times a week, you don’t need to go to the gym if you don’t even like going to the gym — do what you love and don’t dread your workouts!  If you haven’t worked out in 6 months or more, start by just implementing morning or evening walks. If you don’t like a strict workout routine- just dance in your living room 3 times a week! For many of my clients, crazy workout commitments aren’t long term, and the goal for exercise needs to be long term to ensure life long health!


5. Combine your workouts with something else you like 

Combine your workouts with good music, podcasts, Netflix show, audiobooks etc.

I love watching Grey’s Anatomy and the only reason I go the gym nowadays is to watch some new episodes. I go on the starimaster and I turn on some Netflix. I kid you not, I can do an hour of stair master at level 14 without any effort now (Thank you Netflix!). I look forward to the gym because I also get to watch my show. Is it the most productive workout? No. But it gets me moving and I am sweating - that is all that matters. If you like podcasts, turn on your favorite podcast during your lifting session or make a magical workout playlist that always gets you going.  Trust me, it works!