5 Tips for a Healthier Home for Hormone Balance

Hey Ladies,

Today I am sharing with you 5 things I did to my home to improve my health and mostly my hormonal health. As you know I have PCOS and I also LOVE holistic living. Therefore, implementing these 5 things into my home was important to me! Of course you do not have to do this to balance your hormones, balancing hormones is SO MUCH more than that. However, if you’re looking to health-ify your home, then try one of the tips below!

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  1. Water Filter — So you may already know that in many places in the USA, the water is pretty crappy to say the least. There may be lead, barium, fluoride and most importantly, estrogen. Now, I am not saying this to scare you. Is is still unclear by sincere if these small amounts of estrogen can have any effect on human health. Moreover, if you’re drinking bottled water, make sure it is in BPA free plastic bottles. It is also unclear wether the plastic chemicals can leak into the water after long term storage. David and I invested into a water filter and it cost us $180 dollars! We installed it ourselves using a YouTube video. The water tastes AMAZING and it saves us so much money! Here is the link (not sponsored in any way, shape or form) : LINK

  2. Ditch the artificial candles or air-fresheners — the issue with candles is that they can be made using toxic chemicals. Most candles in the store use synthetic oils which are far from natural, and you aren’t really sure what chemical is being used to make this strong scent. In terms of candles and air fresheners we should also consider the formaldehyde release (1). If you are using cleaning products, candles and air fresheners with formaldehyde, you may want to consider reducing it. Formaldehyde is currently a potential carcinogen. Now, let’s get REAL, candles and air fresheners are not something to FEAR. However, why use them if you can SOOOO easily use natural air fresheners. You can use baking soda to capture orders or invest in an essential oil diffuser. Essential oils are real AROMATHERAPY that can give us so actual health benefits unlike candles or air-fresheners that may impact our health. I personally use this trick - when I am trying to get WORK done at home, I diffuse peppermint oil and when I want to relax, I use lavender. Sometimes I like to use lemon too because it is so REFRESHING.

  3. Invest in a good BLENDER or JUICER: Ok, you can eat whole fruits and vegetables but nowadays we are all about convenience. If you are into nourishing your body, like me, then eating lots of micronutrients is important. Making juices or smoothies ahead of time when you know you have a busy day ahead, can be very HELPFUL. I personally find that I can add a lot of adaptogens to my smoothie. Otherwise, it would be hard for me to include them in my diet. Learn about my top 3 adaptogens for balancing hormones here: LINK

  4. Get a Pet : Lol, OK I am a little biased here and a pet isn’t for everyone. But, part of hormonal balance is stress relief and science has proven it. There was a study where adults were exposed to a stressful situation and then asked to pet a toy rabbi or toy turtle but the anxiety effect of the stressful situation was only lowered when petting a live animal. Moreover, ”the anxiety-reducing effect applied to people with different attitudes towards animals and was not restricted to animal lovers. “ (2) Moreover, studies show that playing with pets can promote a happier mood because it increases the reals of oxytocin (3). The happy hormone!

  5. Get yourself more plants! According to research by Nasa, plants can help purify the air, they can help remove some toxins. Since we are spending about 90% of our time indoors nowadays, this is important. I believe that having at least one plant for every 300 ft is AMAZING. Plants also increase humidity and if you live in a dry state like me (hello, fellow Arizonians!), then you know that the lack of humidity can dry out our skin. Humidity at our home from plants isn’t a bad thing, it can be hydrating. Moreover, a study done by Kansas State University showed that patients who had plants in their rooms, recovered faster. Concluding that plants may have therapeutic effects (5).

Hope you enjoyed these tips and found them helpful! Here is the video where I talk about these 5 and show you how I implement them:

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Ula Bozek