Top 3 Teas for PCOS I love!


I don’t know about you guys, but I love warm tea even in the summer! Growing up, my mom and I would always make evening tea and have some dessert together while discussing anything and everything. I am always purchasing new teas and trying different blends. I am like this with dark chocolate as well. You will see me at the chocolate and tea isle for a good 20 min! :) Today I want to share with you three teas that I believe have been an amazing addition to my self care routine. I found research that these teas may help with some PCOS symptoms and I would like to share with you what I have found. If you have tried these teas or drink them regularly - let me know in the comments if you have seen any benefit from drinking them.



So spearmint is the most studied out of the three teas when it comes to PCOS. It has been shown by research to help reduce androgens - the hormones that cause that annoying excessive hair growth (although to be honest, I’ve come to embrace it). The study done on spearmint and PCOS was a randomized controlled trial, meaning that some participants were given a placebo and others were given spearmint tea (1). These type of studies on PCOS are my fave! The study looked at 42 subjects and after 30 days of spearmint use their testosterone decreased! I personally love spearmint tea, therefore adding it to my daily regimen isn’t cumbersome.



Chamomile tea was a FIX for everything in my childhood. You had a tummy ache? Chamomile tea. You were stressed? Chamomile tea. That is why you will always find chamomile tea in my household! Currently loving a chamomile, vanilla and Manuka honey blend. In terms of how it may help with PCOS, chamomile tea can help you get more restful sleep. My most prominent PCOS symptoms was always inability to get a good nights sleep. Can you relate? Although chamomile tea wasn’t researched on women with PCOS specifically, it has been tested on postpartum women - those who drank chamomile tea had better quality sleep and symptoms of depression (2). On top of the sleep benefits, chamomile tea can help with digestion! Although studies on this aspect of chamomile tea have only been done on mice - I personally always have chamomile tea when I overate or I am dealing with uncomfortable bloating.



Finally, my newest addition to my PCOS self care routine! The main reason I started drinking this tea is because my PMS symptoms with PCOS are INTENSE. Raspberry leaf was used in traditional medicine to help reduce cramping (3). Also, there are studies that propose raspberry leaf tea as an aid for shorter labor? (4) Although, ALWAYS talk to your doctor about using any herbs while pregnant. And If you are someone who is trying to conceive, some do day it does help with fertility. Although, I couldn’t find any legit studies to back that up. However, since there are studies it does have an effect on our uterine muscles, there might be a connection with fertility! If you enjoy the taste, why not give it a go? Warning though, it tastes nothing like raspberries!!