My PCOS Smoothie Recipe


I have to admit - I am very PICKY when it comes to my smoothies! My pet peeve is going to a (usually overpriced) juice bar and getting a smoothie that is mediocre. My smoothies need to taste like dessert but also be nourishing and energizing. I have a go to PCOS smoothie with maca powder that is my GO TO and I am excited for you to try it. But, lets to back to maca for a second. What is it? What is it good for? Maca powder is an adaptogen that many use to support healthy hormones.

Research has shown that Maca is useful for a variety of hormonal processes such as production of sex hormones, enhancing sex drive, stimulating metabolism, controlling body weight, increasing, energy, reducing stress, and improving memory!! (1) I mean, to be honest the studies on maca are very limited, as they usually are when it comes to natural remedies. But, nowadays maca powder is affordable, it may not hurt to try it for yourself (although, as always, talk to your doctor:)).

OK but what else makes this smoothie so good for PCOS?!

High fat foods, like avocados help to slow the absorption of glucose, which is beneficial for women with PCOS who struggle with insulin resistance. If you’re having a fruit smoothie (fruit has sugar), having a healthy fat in it can be beneficial for slowing down the sugar absorption. Secondly, the cocoa powder is antioxidant rich and VERY anti-inflammatory. It is an affordable superfood! Anti-inflammatory foods, may help the chronic inflammation we get with PCOS! And lastly, raspberries are one of the highest fiber fruits - so good for our gut. Women with PCOS have been shown to have a different microbiome than women without PCOS - eating fiber promotes the growth of good bacteria in our gut!



- 1 Cup of almond milk⁣⁣
- 1 Cup of raspberries⁣⁣
- 1/2 avocado ⁣⁣
- 1 T of cocoa powder ⁣⁣
- 1 tsp of maca powder⁣⁣
- Sweetener (I used monk fruit - don’t skip on it!)⁣⁣

Remember you may need to add a little more almond milk if it’s too thick ☺️ ⁣⁣


1. Lee, M. S., Shin, B.-C., Yang, E. J., Lim, H.-J. & Ernst, E. Maca (Lepidium meyenii) for treatment of menopausal symptoms: A systematic review. Maturitas 70, 227–33 (2011).