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Learn healthy habits and never diet again.

You got diagnosed with PCOS and your doctor tells you to just “lose weight”… You Google ways to lose weight and you just end up starting a new diet. Portion control, skipping meals, guilty indulgences, overeating, intermittent fasting, paleo, keto, calorie counting, ignoring hunger cues…

Before you know it, you’re trapped in a maze of diets and restriction and your PCOS isn’t getting any better.

Now, I’m going to tell you something that might just blow your mind.

You are absolutely, fabulously, infinitely UNIQUE! Which means— The road map to a happier, healthier, SEXIER you is something you ALREADY KNOW, you just need guidance on how to listen.

 At the Base of Most Diets, You’ll Find:

A list of dogmatic rules you need to follow

A described “straight line” trajectory that is misleading

A “one size fits all” attitude that doesn’t account for your specific type of PCOS!


The idea that if you’re not getting results,

you’re doing something wrong.

Oh, which reminds me:

Another List of Nonsense You’ll Find in Most Diets:

→ A glorification of some foods and total condemnation of others

→ Feelings of GUILT and SHAME

→ There’s tons of talk about foods, portion, nutrition…but nothing about YOU girl!



As a result OF DIETING, you feel stuck being unhappy in your own body! Not only are the PCOS symptoms driving your crazy, but now you cannot find a healthy relationship with food!


The longer you struggle trying all these diets that supposedly help PCOS, the more you feel hopeless about ever feeling better physically or mentally about yourself and your body.


I’m here to tell you that NONE of these diets are right. Diets DO NOT work with PCOS.


The reason why you’re stuck? You have stopped listening to your hunger cues, what food fuels you, you have lost trust in your body and self.


Learn to Love Your Body & Find Balance with Food! 

Intuitive, mindful eating combined with gentle nutrition principles is the way to make peace with food and your body. PCOS is a long term syndrome and a short term solution is not the answer.



YNo one can tell you what the right way of eating is for you. Because NO ONE knows YOU, and what’s best for YOU, better than YOU do. Plus, everyone has a different type of PCOS, what worked for Mary down the street - may not work for you.

People love to tell you how they achieved self-love and “weight loss” with PCOS (especially on social media).

Then they might tell you to take the exact same path that worked for them—and then you feel defeated when it doesn’t fit, when it completely fails you. You read online that keto “worked” for someone but then you find yourself unable to stop eating carbs when the weekend rolls around.

I teach women to tune into their bodies and learn what makes them thrive and find balance with PCOS.


Through my 1:1 Coaching, I Teach Women To:

→ Eat intuitively with PCOS!

→ Find healthy habits you ENJOY and can do for LIFE not temporarily!

→ Learn about hunger cues – and how best to satisfy them for optimal health and weight.

→ Stop binge eating and overeating when PCOS cravings seem SO intense everyday!

→ Learn ways to practice gentle nutrition from a place of love!

→ Stop OBSESSING over food

→ Avoid diets— and only learn which parts of them work best for you

I teach you how to get in touch with the best way for you to eat. A way to eat that you ALREADY know, that your body knows 

All you have to do is listen! I want you to know: you DON’T need guilt or strict, suffocating rules to achieve a healthier, happier, SEXIER you that LOVES being in her body. And you DEFINITELY don’t need a diet to make it happen!


Instead, let me teach you my happy, balanced dance between total self-care, healthy eating, and getting back in touch with your intuition—and ultimately FREEING yourself from the diet trap.