About Me

Hey, beautiful lady! I’m glad you’re here.

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My name is Ula Bozek, and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Like many in my field, I began my career by teaching women with PCOS how they can mold their bodies into a shape they’ve always dreamed of—with restriction, anxiety, shame and a lack of satisfaction. I felt as if instead of teaching life long skills, I was teaching short term fixes that weren’t making anyone happy.

I noticed that women with PCOS battle with more than just their bodies. Every day, they engaged in a war with their minds, enduring poor self-esteem and a constant sense of failure because PCOS can make you feel BROKEN. I know because this is EXACLY how I feel when I got diagnosed with PCOS.

When trying to find balance with my PCOS, I stopped focusing on the numbers on the scale, the inches of the measuring tape, the unrealistic expectations—and started focusing on health. Vitality. Happiness. I decided that life was too short for positive change to be fueled by lifelong self-hatred. I shifted my focus from helping my clients to be the thinnest version of themselves, to guiding them to be the most confident and to find food freedom

! I want women with PCOS to stop emotional eating, binge eating and dieting FOREVER. I want women with PCOS to find a way of eating that works for THEM not what works for MARY down the street or some social media influencer.

As a nutritionist, you may think I’ve managed to stay away from your favorite foods and vices—forever. But the truth is, while I do enjoy a good kale smoothie, this girl can eat. I continue to explore different cultures through weekly dining experiences, keep my sanity with orders of sweet potato fries, and you can bet your ass I haven’t given up on caffeine. Enjoying food has not become a thing of the past as a result of refocusing on my health. I even make room in my plant-based diet for a much-needed occasional shot of tequila—and you can, too.

If you’re ready to make healthy changes fueled by self-love and gratitude, contact me today. I can’t wait to start this amazing journey with you.